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3 Simple Things Your Audiologist Wants You to Do to Avoid Hearing Damage or Loss

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If you can easily perceive sounds and noise, you want to retain this ability for the rest of your life. This way, you can communicate with people, listen to music and assess environmental and social situations properly so you can make your life more interesting and enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, many people are suffering from hearing damage or loss — something they could avoid by seeking advice from a reputable audiologist. The simple things you do daily can either enhance or compromise your hearing ability in a big way. So if you want to maintain healthy ears and avoid hearing loss, see some of the simple things an audiologist recommends you do.

Avoid Areas with Loud Noise

One of the primary causes of noise-induced hearing loss is loud noise or being in a noisy environment for long hours. The noise could be from a music system, entertainment joint, work, public place, or even your home. You will know the noise is loud enough to inhibit your hearing abilities if you are forced to raise your voice to communicate with other people. You could also know it if your ears are hurting, you cannot hear what people are saying, or you have muffled hearing or ringing in the ears later on.

For this reason, avoid exposing your ears to loud noises to retain your hearing capability for many days. Remember, you can use smartphone apps to check the noise levels in an area. As long as the apps are well calibrated, you'll get an accurate reading.

Get Quality Hearing Protection Devices

Another thing your audiologist wants you to do is protecting your hearing when working in a noisy environment or attending noisy events. The loud noise from the machinery, factory, concerts, clubs, recreational shooting and music players can easily damage your hearing, but you will avert the damage when you use hearing protection. Some of the hearing protection devices you can buy include earmuffs, earplugs and semi-insert earplugs. An audiologist can customise the earplugs to fit your ears properly so you can be comfortable while wearing them every day.

Get Hearing Tests Regularly

Most audiologists recommend you get hearing tests annually. The audiologist compares the current findings to the previous ones to determine if your hearing capabilities are deteriorating or improving. If they notice a sign of hearing loss, then they will provide proper treatment right away. So, whether you work in a noisy environment or in quiet chambers, regular tests and check-ups are vital. They help the audiologist identify and prevent hearing damage or loss in advance.

Your ear health enhances the quality of your life. If your ear health is compromised, you are unlikely to enjoy life or even anything around you. However, seeing an audiologist at least twice a year can help avoid hearing problems or even hearing loss. The audiologist will carry out the correct hearing tests and also recommend the simple things you could do to maintain your hearing abilities.

Contact a local audiologist for more information.