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Do You Need Physiotherapy? 4 Simple Ways You Can Tell

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A lot of people think that physiotherapy is a type of treatment only reserved for elite athletes. While it is true that athletes benefit a lot from it, the practice can also help you deal with injuries, muscle aches, sprains and other complications. The aim of the physiotherapist is to find out what is ailing your muscular and skeletal systems and recommend the best treatment for you.

Here are four instances when you might need the assistance of a competent physiotherapist, and the benefits of seeing one.

When You Start Having Mobility Problems

A lot of people take their ability to move from one place to another for granted. It is not until you start feeling pain when walking or running when you realise the importance of the role played by the skeletal system, your spine, and feet in keeping you mobile. If for instance, you can no longer touch your toes, stretch, climb stairs and run as comfortably as you did before, you can see a professional physiotherapist about it. 

They will assess your symptoms and perform diagnostic tests. They will then come up with a series of exercises that you can take part in to help you with recovery.

When You Have Incontinence

The second sign that you need a physiotherapist is when you develop incontinence. Inability to hold your urine or bowels typically indicates that your sphincter muscles have weakened. It also indicates that your pelvic floor muscles are deteriorating. The two conditions can happen due to age or injuries from childbirth and other sources.

A physiotherapist will know how to help you isolate the bladder muscles that control urination. They will guide you through the exercises that can help strengthen the muscles, thereby resolving your incontinence.

When You Are in Constant Pain

When you suffer from a particular injury, there is the normal threshold of pain you expect to feel. As the torn muscles and ligaments heal, your pain should subside. However, if you have been healing from an injury for more than a month, and the pain keeps getting worse, you need specialist help. 

The physiotherapist will come up with a rehabilitation program to help you heal.

When You Lose Balance

Loss of balance is another indication that you might have problems with your vestibular system. Physiotherapists have special vestibular rehabilitation programs to help you heal from injuries that could be affecting your balance.

These are the common symptoms to see a physiotherapist about. Choose a competent and experienced one to help you with long-term solutions to your physical problems.