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Why Visiting A Physiotherapist Could Help With Your Migraines

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Migraines are terrible to suffer through, and every day thousands of Australians get them in one form or another. If you are getting severe migraines, it can feel like there is no solution and you are trapped in a never-ending world of hurt. However, there is renewed evidence that suggests that targetted muscle manipulation from a physiotherapist can actually help ease the severity of migraines. Here are a few ways in which your local physio could help reduce the pain you suffer from migraines by also reducing your neck pain

Migraine And Neck Pain

You may not realise this, but evidence suggests that there is quite a strong link between migraines and the actual muscles in the back of your neck. These muscles, called the suboccipitals, keep your head up, which means that anytime you are not lying down, they are working. In some people, this continued stress can be a trigger for migraines, but science is still unsure of why this occurs. What is known is that targetted massage from a neck specialist physiotherapist can drastically reduce the pain and in some cases can even stop the migraine in its tracks.

Neck Specialist Physiotherapist

A neck specialist physio work almost exclusively on the neck and surrounding region. A large part of their clientele are people with severe migraines who are searching for any sort of relief. Often neck pain is associated with migraines, so if you feel both at the same time, or even just one symptom, then you should visit a physio to get checked out. Often people suffer for years before they build up the courage to go and see a specialist, which is a shame as this is needless when you consider that a solution could be as simple as a few treatments a week. 

Long-Term Relief

It is one thing to get immediate relief from migraines, but if you want to get tips to help with long-term pain relief, then you definitely need to see a physio, not a pharmacist. Using medication is quite dangerous, especially as a long-term solution. Instead, a physio will show you how to complete simple manoeuvres and exercises to keep your suboccipitals in good working order. These exercises, combined with regular massage from your physio, can reduce your neck pain as well as the chance of having migraines and tension headaches. If you have tried everything else and are desperate for a solution, then you should visit a physio as soon as possible.