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Why Smokers Get Lower Back Pain

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While you sometimes know why you have back pain, there are times when your pain doesn't have an obvious cause. Some people suddenly have back issues without a specific incident to blame such as an accident or injury.

In some cases, you get this kind of pain because of other factors that you might not obviously link together. For example, some smokers suffer from occasional or regular problems with their lower backs. Why does this happen?

Smoker's Cough Strains

If you smoke enough to have a residual cough, then this can lead to problems with your back. If you have a regular, prolonged and hard cough, then your back may suffer.

So, for example, your coughing bouts put strain on your back. This can lead to minor strains and pulls that make your back hurt. You tense your body when you have a coughing fit and sometimes this tension affects areas of your body. The combination of a hard cough and tensed up muscles can cause some damage.

Blood Flow Problems

Smoking affects the way that blood circulates around your body. Typically, smokers tend to have a decreased blood flow and impaired circulation.

This affects various areas of your body and can give you problems with your back. Basically, a smoker's spine, bones and tissues aren't always getting an adequate blood flow to keep them healthy.

This impaired circulation problem deprives your system of key components. For example, your back's tissues may not be getting as much oxygen as they should; their nutrient levels may be lower than they should be. Plus, your bones may be lower in minerals than they would be if you don't smoke.

These deficiencies can make your back weaker and less able to cope with everyday strains and pressure. You may be more at risk of developing problems with your back than if you were a non-smoker.

If you have a niggling pain in your back that doesn't have an obvious cause, then your smoking habit may be the problem. At this stage, it's a good idea to see your GP or clinic.

There are a lots of reasons why your back might be playing you up and your GP can work out the root cause. Given the overall bad effects of your habit, they can also give you advice and help on quitting. If smoking is behind your back problems, this will hopefully clear them up.