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6 Simple Home Remedies to Effectively Manage IBS

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It becomes difficult to enjoy life to the fullest for people suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). This medical condition can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable to endure. While talking to your doctor is recommended, you can implement some simple home remedies to treat IBS. 

Continue reading this post if you are looking for simple, long-term solutions to manage your irritable bowel syndrome. 

Consume More Fibre

One practical approach to deal with IBS is the gradual incorporation of fibre in your diet. Consider fibre-rich foods, such as vegetables, wholegrain cereals, nuts and fruits. Alternatively, consult a professional dietitian for advice on the appropriate quantities of fibre to consume. They can advise on the right fibre supplements that are better than dietary fibres in combating IBS. 

Keep Away From Trigger Foods

Stay away from particular diets that can only worsen your IBS symptoms. Foods such as dairy products, chocolate and caffeine-based beverages can trigger irritable bowel symptoms. If you are suffering from excessive gas, avoid foods such as broccoli, cabbage and beans, etc. Above all, it's imperative to get expert advice from your doctor concerning the types of foods that may trigger IBS. 

Take Your Meals at Regular Intervals

It's crucial to adhere to your daily meal schedules for proper bowel function. For those suffering from diarrhoea, the best approach can be consuming smaller, regular meals. However, for constipation cases, consider larger food servings, rich in fibre to enhance efficient digestion and food movement down the gut. 

Handle Dairy Products With Extreme Care

Some people are intolerant to lactose, and if you fall into this category, go for milk rather than yogurt. Additionally, milk in smaller amounts or combined with other dietary foods may help alleviate IBS symptoms. Consult your doctor for advice on foods containing nutritional components such as calcium, proteins and vitamins, etc. 

Consume More Fluids

Another simple home remedy for treating IBS is the daily consumption of enough fluids, mostly water. However, steer clear of caffeinated beverages or alcohol that can only worsen your diarrhoea by stimulating the intestines.

Regular Exercise Is Helpful

If you have not exercised much in the past, consider home-based fitness programs to alleviate stress and depression. Regular exercise can help stimulate intestinal contractions and make you feel better. Begin a slow exercise routine and build it gradually with time. Always consult your health practitioner or doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions and work with a fitness expert for an effective training program.

These are the six home remedies you can try to implement and manage your irritable bowel syndrome. However, call your health practitioner immediately if you experience severe IBS symptoms that won't just go away. Contact a doctor to learn more about receiving IBS treatment.